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12 In. 80 Tooth Construction Series Circular Saw Blade



Circular Saw Blade
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Quick Overview
  • Innovative C-3 Dyanite┬« carbide teeth are diamond ground to be precision sharp from the start and stay sharp up to 6X longer than standard carbide
  • Impact resistant Tri-metal shims between each carbide tip and the blade act as shock absorbers in tough applications
  • A fully hardened thin kerf plate means less material is removed which allows for a faster cut while still remaining straight and true
  • Expansion slots reduce blade warping
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  • 13/16 inch Diamond Arbor Knockout: Yes
  • Arbor Hole Size: 1 in
  • Blade Manufacturing Method: Stamped
  • Blade Tooth Material: Carbide Tipped
  • Expansion Slots: Yes
  • Kickback Limiters: Yes
  • Kerf (in): 0.098
  • Additional Information
    Manufacturer: Bosch
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